World Environment Day

Just like other years, we have celebrated world environment day on 5th Jun by tree sapling distribution and plantation activity at Barsundra, Bhabanipur, Haldia.

Memory Mastery Workshop

We have taken an initiative to improve confidence, mental health of our young generation by conducting multiple memory mastery workshops across different schools and organisation. One such was successfully completed on 21st March.

Services We Offer


Help to Education

We regularly help the students from under priviledged background by distributing books and essential related items so that they can continue their study.

Interior Design

Skill Development workshop

Organising workshops to develop the skill who do not get a chance to enrol themselves in formal trainings

House Renovation

Reducing carbon footprint

We organise at least 3-4 tree plantation events every year in different locations with a target of adding 5000 new plants per year.

House Renovation

Motivational & Mind power program

We do motivational and mind power related programs different parts of West Bengal to increase the mental excellence and efficiency of the students.

House Renovation

Medical & Health Services

The type of medical service that we provide very often is briefly…. Primary health check up & proper Guidance, Eyesight problems & cure, Blood donation camp, and also need based time to time Aurvedic & Homopathic camp at nearby places.

Frequently Asked Questions

We engage ourselves in different activities like below         

Tree plantation

Skill Development program

Blood donation camp

Help them to grow

Agriculture projects

Health checkup camp

We do not claim that we are totally different than others. However we believe in our abilities and we are sure that with  regular contribution in various initiatives by one of the most energetic set of team member and volunteers, we will be able to make a foot print to the society.

Each of our initiatives starts from regular brainstorming sessions we organise among active members of the group. We value most on need of the hour which decides most of the activities. In case of major cyclone we feel that most important activity as that point of time would be to stand beside the people who need food and shelter. In case of pandemic like Covid, we arranged food for the people who suddenly became financial week due to loss of their regular work.