Activities 2022

Blood donation is one of the most noble activity human can be associated with. A successful camp was held on 27th of March at Sutahata, Medinipur. More than 50 enthusiastic people came forward and donated blood which would help patients in nearby hospitals to get cured quickly. We are thankful to all of them for their precious contribution.
On World Environment day 5th Jun, we have distributed more than 500 saplings to the villagers at Rajarampur, Mahishadal, East Midnapur. A special thanks to our respected member Manas Bhowmik for coming forward and organising this event. He took initiative of arranging more than 2000 saplings, spent weeks to make these ready for distribution. In our next phase we would distribute rest of the saplings to a different location.
As a continuation of our sapling distribution initiative, another successful event had been organised in ITI Government College in Haldia. There were hundreds of students participated proactively and helped in planting those saplings in the college campus as well as surrounding areas.
We are pleased to announce that finally we could fulfil one of our common goal. Opening a centre for youths of Haldia locality on 27th of July. The centre will be aimed as learning centre and it will focus many areas like Music, education etc. Younger generation from nearby areas will get the opportunity to learn/brush up their skills in exchange of nominal fees as our objective to reach as many people as we can.
Just like yester years, we have successfully organised a free eye check-up. It was held at Deulti, East Midnapur on 11th of September. Free eye check-up and arrangement for cataract operation was done on that day. Needless to say that it was extremely helpful for elderly people of nearby areas.
On 5th of November, we went to patna baikuntha shiksha sadan, Birbandar, East Midnapur, West Bengal to give an idea of power of memory to the students of the school. It was one of the most organised events we could part of Many students participated and experienced alternative way of learning – Memory power and mental excellency. We would like to say thanks to our special trainer Mr Abhijit Dutta for conducting such a useful workshop.