Activities 2021

We had our first get together on 10th of January at Haldia township area. Ashakiran family members had a memorable day spending time together. Ashakiran Members and their kids enjoyed the day thoroughly. We spent our day with many fun activities and volunteers arranged delicious food for all. we had our official website launch to make this day more special.
We are going through the most toughest period of our life – Covid, the pandemic. We are fighting hard to keep this disease away but sadly it is still with us. India could successfully beat first wave however it came back strong this year as well. Because of this pandemic many people lose their jobs. We Ashakiran World reached few such less fortunate families and tried to help as much as possible. The event held on 23rd of May 2021.
While the entire nation fighting against the disease Covid-19 one more natural disaster came in form of a strong cyclone Yash. Easter part of India, especially Orissa and West Bengal were heavily impacted due to this cyclone. Many families in Haldia area became suddnely homeless and were struggling for food on very next day onwards. We extended our hands to some of them through a food distribution program.
Tree Plantation 25th June – Just like previous years, we have organised tree plantation activity on 5th Jun this year as well on the occasion of World Environment day. However this year we organised it slightly differently. Instead of planting some saplings directly through our volunteers, we went to a village and distributed the saplings among eager villagers who not only participated in events they had taken ownership of their respective saplings. Hope this initiative will help to keep the saplings alive and turn them into big trees in future.
22nd July – Eye Camp : A successful Eye Camp has been organised at Barkasmili Primary School, Marishda, Kontai, East Midnapur in collaboration with Chaityanapur Mission Ashram. It was an immense satisfaction to be able to check eye health for around 500 people. All of them have been given free eye check up, required medicines, spectacles etc. Few of them need cataract operation which will be held during first week of August free of cost at Chaityanapur Mission Ashram.